We welcome our community to enjoy a morning in our garden patch.

Invite along some of your neighbours to help or just enjoy a friendly chat and cuppa.

Our Neighbourhood Garden meets every Saturday 9:30am till 12noon, all welcome!


A photo of one of our wonderful water tanks and a very young and enthusiastic team of gardeners.

Isn’t it amazing that we had rain when the tanks were connected, and we are getting rain now after we have used the tanks.

I think that nearly the last of our tomatoes was ripped out last week and the basil in one of the rear beds; we gave the thyme a good trim, so our chillies can have a bit more space.

The rhubarb hasn’t quite taken yet and the strawberries we transplanted seem a bit poorly, however, this week’s weather might just be the trick.

The beans are still springing up, the spinach still available and the lettuces very healthy Another good crop of bok choi. Have we had a bad crop yet..... I think not.

Cabbages planted, and more veggies to come, I expect our winter produce will be as good as our summer.



So much hard work by our gardening group, yes we left the garden briefly and the result is a cleared fence line.

I hope you are ok Jim as you and Warren put in a big effort as did all our ladies , some even having to put up with me!

More cabbages , spinach and broccoli shared with group.

Broad beans seem to grow a foot (30cm) each week and flowers are prolific, so beans where are you? Our parsnips and beets are healthy and the peas look good.

So after the physical work, we sat down to a lovely morning tea, cake, slice and Jim’s famous rock cakes..... is everyone still ok?

And so we started planning possible new beds on top of the cleared areas; it will be very exciting to have new beds that we can nurse along from “bare earth” into productive soil with different crops; some suggestions being avocados, mangoes, limes; back to one of the reasons for our group apart from the morning teas I will be late on Saturday Happy gardening Mick