Advent 4, Sunday, 23rd December, 2018 - Luke 1.39-55

Theme A Time for Celebration

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We have arrived at the 4th and last Sunday in Advent. When you have celebrated wildly, without inhibition? Advent is also a time of celebration. Somehow, lots of good church-attending people get the idea that moving your body in worship is sinful, or at least  a defective form of worship.

From St Joseph’s Spirituality and Education Centre, Kincumber

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For many years Sydney Central Coast Presbytery and its predecessors, Kuringai and Sydney North Presbyteries, have held retreats for their ministers at St Joseph’s Spirituality and Education Centre, down by the water at Kincumber South. Australia’s first (Roman Catholic) saint, Mary McKillop, was given the presbytery (the catholic word for “manse”) on this site by the Archbishop of Sydney so that the boys she was caring for in The Rocks would have a more suitable home. Three sisters and twenty two boys arrived by ferry in March, 1887 to this home for boys without homes for over a hundred years. Since then, as a retreat centre it has been a haven of peace for many from all walks of life.