Advent 4, Sunday, 23rd December, 2018 - Luke 1.39-55

Theme A Time for Celebration

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We have arrived at the 4th and last Sunday in Advent. When you have celebrated wildly, without inhibition? Advent is also a time of celebration. Somehow, lots of good church-attending people get the idea that moving your body in worship is sinful, or at least  a defective form of worship.

Advent 2, 9 December, 2018 Sermon Summary Text: Luke 3.1-6

Theme: A time for renewal - David Reichardt

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This morning we’ll think about living in “a time for renewal”. I said last Sunday that Advent is largely about ‘Waiting, Patience and Hope’ So is life. Neither is just about doing, unthinkingly. Nor are they about waiting, passively, Good waiting is a synonym for preparing. Waiting is an activity.