Mission Statement and Values



That Normanhurst Uniting Church, as a Christ-centred community, endeavours to be a guiding light, transforming our community through our mission and worship.

·                We are called to love our community in the ways Jesus showed

·                We are called to give of ourselves through service to our community

·                We are called to serve our neighbours by following the direction of the Gospel

·                We are called to live a Christ-centred life through our actions.

Our Mission

We show God's love to our Community by the giving of ourselves, serving our neighbours and living our lives centred on Christ.

Our Goals


1        Enable all people to enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

2        Provide a relevant and thought-provoking worship experience

3        Provide care to those in need within our community

4        Provide a “safe-place”

5        Use available technologies and resources to effectively minister to our community

6        Integrate local congregations into a Regional Mission Focussed Church


·                We are a Congregation in the Uniting Church tradition.

·                We are a welcoming, open and inclusive community.

·                We offer a variety of styles of worship.

·                We value faith exploration.

·                We seek growth in our life.

·                We care for one another.

·                We are committed to serve our local communities and the world.

During the period 2013-16 we will accomplish these by:

1.              Emphasising work with children, youth and young families, including making TBA (young families)  and other young adults groups more intentional

2.              Maintaining our current children’s and youth activities including leadership training – Kid’s Club, NYCS, Kid’s Church, Tales for Tots and School Scripture

3.              Investigating new opportunities for children’s work – including the development of further opportunities within Normanhurst Primary School

4.              Continuing our work with older members of our community through Activity Centre, Luncheon Club and involvement with Bowden Brae

5.              Developing community through adult group activities including Saturday Fellowship, Ladies Fellowship, Craft Group, Book Club, Musical Society and small groups

6.              Developing the spiritual journey of members of the Congregation through bible study and varied Worship experiences

7.              Continuing the development of a sense of social responsibility and encouraging a response within the Congregation – possibly through sharing with nearby Uniting Church congregations

8.              Using our rich resources effectively to proclaim  Gods Kingdom, including the use of these with the wider community

9.              Encouraging the use of electronic media and communication resources e.g. Web Site, Facebook, email, video conferencing, Skype

10.           Developing and promoting links with other Christian churches within the area and the Uniting Church Ku-Ring-Gai Presbytery through sharing strengths and combined activities

11.           Maintaining and Developing new forms of community contact through new expression of being church (“Fresh Expressions”), experimental ministries, etc.

Reviewed September 2013

  Church Contacts:
Office hours:
Thursday and Friday 9am - 2pm (02) 9487 2467 
(During school holidays the office is closed please contact Rev Dr Reichardt)

Church Building 9489 4354

Rev Dr David Reichardt 0419 164 329

Our Services are Sundays:

5 o'clock Sunday Sessions
These services are Family Friendly or Family Focused as shown on our Home Page.