Morning Tea

Our small but enthusiastic group has had very productive winter/ spring and have been busily preparing for the summer to ensure that everything is well watered and our crops do not suffer as they did last year.
Our strawberries were relocated and just took off, we have picked loads of sweet, juicy berries and they continue to bear fruit.
At the moment the boysenberry is producing lots of fruit and they were delicious, so look out for these!
We have successfully grown broad beans, lettuce, snow peas, radishes, spring onions.
At the moment we have just planted tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, beans, zucchini, bok choy and our spinach and rhubarb are still being picked and enjoyed.
We always have parsley, thyme, basil, rosemary, mint and bay leaves that anyone is able to pick at any time.
This is not hard work and we definitely make time to have a cuppa and lovely morning teas that have been provided by Liz and Margaret. So the gardening brings us together, but the chat is just as important.

Come and have a look, we are there every Saturday from 9.30 until around 12 noon and welcome everyone whether a novice or a long time gardener More information can be obtained by calling Mick Jones on 0437 613 718.


The Gardening Group meets on a Saturday morning in the church grounds at 9.30am. 

If you are interested in gardening, particularly growing vegetables why not come along and join the group. You may learn something new, pass on a few tips of you own or enjoy some of the garden grown produce by the Group. More information can be obtained by calling Mick Jones on 0437 613 718.

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