Stan Rumbel writes:


“Can we have a word?” said a voice that I seemed to hear.

“Not now”, I said, “for my life is busy and I’m in a hurry”.

But the sweet tones of the voice kept ringing in my ear

As I pondered life’s problems and continued to worry.

Then the voice said to me in  words so tender and clear,

“I can ease your worry and I can lighten your load.”

But I was too self-involved and didn’t want to hear,

And so continued to stumble down life’s rocky road.


So, exhausted and weary, I continue on my tiring way

Wondering why I seem to be lonely, without a friend.

I work hard, giving all I have, but at the end of the day,

Alone and tired, I ask myself, “Will all this ever end?”

After work I go home to my family and forget the strife,

For a while at least, as I enjoy the company of my family.

Then again I hear the voice,

            “I can give you a joyous life”,

It said, “If you will only take up my cross and follow me”.


Too involved in life’s challenges, I simply go to sleep,

And give no thought to that tender, inviting voice.

Morning comes with many ppointments to keep,

With a kiss and a wave it’s off to a life of my choice.

As I travel, my mind is filled with concern for the day –

“Will I achieve my goals?

            I wonder if it will rain.”

Then into my mind I hear again the voice say,

“I can take away your worries and ease your pain”.


The day is successful and my achievements satisfy,

But somehow, my life seems to be without something –

I review my life’s achievements; and question “Why?”

Despite my successes, my life has an empty ring.

Then out of nowhere, the comforting voice speaks –

“Come to me”, it said, “and I will give you rest”.

Now I am getting on, and a joint sometimes creaks,

And that invitation, to me, sounds like the best.


“Who are you?” I said, for I really wanted to know

Where the voice came from and why it spoke to me –

“I am Jesus, your saviour and I am anxious to go

With you through this life and on to eternity.

I will help you and love you every step of the way,

If you will open your heart and give your life to me”.

Such wonderful words of assurance – what could I say?

But, “Here I am, Jesus, lead me to the land of the free”.

Stanford G. Rumbel

 Peace and Love

I look to the valley and behold the trees

I turn to the east and I feel the breeze;

I look to the west and the setting sun

And ponder the miracle of how life begun.

Six days He laboured with toiling hands,

Creating sea and earth and rolling sands;

On the Sabbath He paused and took a rest-

He saw it was good, and each creation He blest.


God made the rivers that cross the land,

They carry the waters and deposit the sand;

They catch the rains, when the earth they drench,

The water of life, each thirst to quench.

Man – He made in His likeness, we’re told

And showered him with blessings more precious than gold.

He put man in the world above every living thing –

The animals, the fish and birds on the wing.


We come into this world without ever a worry,

Then we burden ourselves – and all in a hurry,

But Jesus says, “Come unto me and rest I’ll give,

Take up my yoke and forever you’ll live”.

We seek and we search for what we have not,

And ignore our Saviour, who can give us the lot;

Turn around mankind, for it’s getting quite late –

Walk now the pathway that is narrow and straight.


I ponder the past and how man has progressed,

From primitive creature to one civilised and dressed;

We’ve come a long way from the spear and the cave

And proof can be seen in the possessions we have.

We live in a world so large, yet so small –

We can speak to furthest neighbour on a telephone call.

Home today, can be half a world away tomorrow –

This world should be joyful; then why all the sorrow?


I look to the sky – a sea of azure blue –

Dressed with clouds, white with pinkish hue;

There in the west, the first evening star –

A beacon for travellers – both near and far.

I think of another star, it shone in the east,

Bringing good news for the greatest and least;

News of a great gift, from our Father above –

A saviour for the world, bringing peace and love.


The chimes on the verandah in the breezes ring,

The moths take flight and the crickets sing;

The clouds that were pink have now turned red,

Small children are bathed and dressed for bed.

I look to the horizon, ‘tis a wonderful sight –

The day that was has now become night;

The birds of the day have flown to their nest

And I in my saviour am happy and blest.


I look to the lounge and there see my wife –

A lady so lovely, the love of my life;

A friend and pal in all kinds of weather

And ‘twas God in His grace brought us together.

I walk to her now, my hand outstretched –

For her love sublime on my heart is etched;

We walk through life, her hand in my hand

And we thank the Lord for what He had planned.

                                                                                                                                                                Stanford Rumbel

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