Normanhurst Uniting Church

We show God’s LOVE to our Community by GIVING of ourselves,

SERVING our neighbours and LIVING a Christ-centred life.

We have recommenced Face-to face worship under strict COVID guidelines.

Persons entering Places of Worship are still required to check-in, preferably by use of the building QR code.

You are currently required to wear a mask when entering, whilst inside and when exiting our Church.

Currently we are not singing, however hymns will be played during the service.

If you are uncomfortable about returning to face-to-face worship or in any way feel unwell please stay home to protect both yourself and others.

The 9:15am services will continue to be live streamed and recorded on YouTube for those staying at home.

There will not be a Zoom meeting for either the 9:15am or 5:00pm service.

Under the latest COVID guidelines we are required to maximise ventilation through the building.  Doors will therefore be left open and the rotation of the ceiling fans changed to assist the movement of air upwards and out of the high level windows. If you are predisposed to feeling cold due to air movement when sitting still please dress accordingly.

This week's 9:15am service link is

See "Worship With Us - 9:15am Worship" for links to our services.

Sunday 5pm Worship - Led by Ruth Simpson - will be face-to-face only

2 Buckingham Ave, Normanhurst, 2076                         
Phone: 9487 2467

Minister Youth & Family Worker

For Pastoral matters - please contact
Rev Jojo Nkrumah 
Phone: 0408 250 601      

Ruth Simpson
Phone: 0421 277 259

Church Office Bowden Brae Gardens 
Phone: 9487 2467  
Pastor Tennyson Chan            


Normanhurst Uniting Church Web site is being reconstructed.

At the moment we are not meeting in 'face to face' activities, but our services can be found on YouTube.

Just search YouTube for us.

Please look after youself and God bless